Everything you need to start a woodworking workshop from scratch. No matter what nature of woodworking business you are in, these machining centres will enable you to complete any wood project with incredible precision and efficiency.


Choosing What Works Best For Your Budget Or Factory Needs

Thinking about adding a CNC system to your shop or business and want to be up and running as soon as possible? Each machine package featured here will create your products 3x faster than any traditional methods or manual tools - and backed by Australia's best customer service.



Everything You Need in One Place


The Most Sophisticated Entry-Level CNC Workshop Starter

Wood Tech NCG 2812E is designed to outperform simple wood carving to significant production work with features rivalling top-level industrial-grade machines.


Superior Dust Extraction System

To minimise potentially harmful dust exposure to operators, our panel saw is integrated with a UFO102B Dust Collector that has an effective extraction point from the enclosed saw head.


A Best-in-Class Entry-Level Edgebander in The Industry

Wood Tech NBC332S is designed to ensure optimal panel finishing. It is the perfect edgebander for workshops requiring continuous and high-quality edgebanding of panels.


Consistent & Steady Air Supply Always Ready

The senator CS8 Rotary Screw Compressor packs a punch and is the perfect solution for your workshop. Not only does it supply air for your machinery but also keeps your work benches ready adequate steady air supply.

MJ1132F Panel Saw

Power Up Your Cab-Shop with Serious Results

The Wood Tech MJ1132F Panel Saw is incredibly well-built and capable to meet the cutting needs in a workshop. Designed to offer ultimate precision, smoother operation, and the cleanest and most precise cuts possible. It means business!

Fully Automated Operation

Increasing productivity is key to any business, this machining centre will come equipped with an operational software that can be programmed to deliver precise cuts, and fast results.

Wood Tech NCG2812E CNC Machine Centre

Like any CNC machining centre, the NCG2812E is built for maximum performance inside and out. The sturdy mechanical design is complemented perfectly by the unique user-friendliness of the sophisticated machine parts. The reason for this is that we not only set standards in technology but also in operation.




Control system SYNTEC
Working table 2800 x 1200 mm
Max speed 80/60/20 m/min
Main spindle power 12HP ISO30
Rotating speed 1,000 - 24,000 RPM
Tool changer 12 Positions
Drilling unit 10 vertical drills (rotating speed 6,000 RPM)
Vacuum pump 1 x 7.5 kW 305 m3/h
Dust extraction Outlet:Ø200 mm Ø125mm *3                      Speed required: 28 m/s
Power supply Voltage: 3415V, 3-phase                     Frequency: 50 Hz
Total power 25kW
Net weight 3000kg


The Choice of Professional Woodworkers

The NBC332S Edgebander is already one of our customer's favourites. The best solution in edgebanding. This entry-level edgebanding machine is flexible, compact, and affordable, an ideal choice for modern craftsmen who strive for perfection with each project. Designed for maximum convenience, portability, and efficiency.






Control system SYNTEC
Panel length 120 mm
Panel width 60 mm
Min panel size 120 mm x 60 mm
Panel thickness 9 mm - 60 mm
Edge tape 0.4 mm - 3 mm
Track speed 16/20/24 m/min
Control Touchscreen
Dust outlet 2 x 125 mm dia
Weight 2100 kg
Power 11.1kW
Dimensions 3874 x 1335 x 1440 mm

Wood Tech MJ1132F PANEL SAW


The sliding panel saw MJ1132F is the ideal entry into the premium compact class. It strikes a perfect balance between performance and price, as you would expect from an industrial-grade saw. Focused engineering combined with an operating technology reduced to the basics makes this panel saw an ideal partner for anyone who is looking for a reasonably priced introduction to the top division of sawing.



MJ1132F Panel Saw


Control system SYNTEC
Max cutting length 3200mm
0° max cutting thickness 100mm
45° max cutting thickness 70mm
Main Saw  
Speed 3800 - 5200 RPM
Motor 5.5kw. 7 ½ HP
Speed 9000 RPM
Motor 1.1 kW
Saw blade tilting 0 - 45°
Dust collection 120mm diameter & 80mm on the overhead
Total power 6.6 kW
Dimensions 3300mm x 3370mm x 1200mm
Weight 785 kg

Superior Dust Extraction System


To minimise potentially harmful dust exposure to operators, our panel saw is integrated with a UFO102B Dust Collector that has an effective extraction point from the enclosed saw head.



Model UFO-105B
Motor 7.5kW (10 HP), 415 Volt,
3 phase
Amps 16
Inlet diameter 220 mm x 1 – (fan dia.
Airspeed 104 m³/min. (3673 CFM)
Bag volume 0.75 m³
Dimensions Length: 1930 mm
Width: 750 mm 
Height: 3300 mm
Net weight 203 kg
Gross weight 280 kg

Consistent & Steady Air Supply!


No matter what the type or size of woodworking operation, compressors play an integral job in providing air for air-operated tools for low-cost operation.






Model CS8
Motor Power 7.5 kW (10 HP)
Free Air Delivery 1.10 m³/min (39 cfm)
Working Pressure 8 bar (116 psi)
Optional Pressures 7-10 bar (102-145 psi)
Tank Volume 600 L
Noise Level 68 dB(A)


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